Murchison-Hume Cleaning Spray
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Murchison-Hume Cleaning Spray

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Counter Safe: Our favorite all purpose, non-toxic cleaner is safe on any surface not harmed by water, such as Granite, Marble, Finished Wood, Tile, Laminate, & Plastic. Perfect for Countertops, Walls, Tabletops, Food Prep Areas, etc. The counter spray comes in Original Fig scent.

Garment Groom: A plant-based dry-cleaning solution for your favorite clothes and hard-to-wash items like hats and accessories. Safe for use on most fine fabrics, it helps to keep your favorite things looking newer longer by extending the time between washing and dry-cleaning. Garment groom comes in White Grapefruit scent.

Spit & Polish: Clean, polish and protect in one easy step. This silicone-free formula is perfect for stainless steel, wood, vinyl, plastic or any surface not harmed by water. Fragrance free.

  • 100% cruelty free
  • Made in the USA 
  • 17 fl oz
  • Counter spray comes in Original Fig
  • Garment Groom comes in Australian White Grapefruit
  • Spit & Polish comes Fragrance Free