CURRENTLY | September 2017 Newsletter

CURRENTLY | September 2017 Newsletter

Mollyjogger  x  WITH  //

We're launching a fall/winter pop up shop with Mollyjogger on September 14th! If you don't know Mollyjogger, they're an Ozark based outdoor outfitter and one of our favorite sources for recreational goods + gifts.

Join us Thursday, September 14th from 5 - 7pm  as we kick off this seasonal partnership! We'll have beer + cocktails and  fall shop specials you won't want to miss.


Happy Hour with Creekbaby Organics //

Our happy hour with Creekbaby Organics founder, Misty Duffy, has been rescheduled for Friday, September 29th!  She'll walk us through a day and night make-up look using only natural products + ingredients, teach us how to make our own anti-wrinkle face mask and answer all our skincare questions! 

Recycled Wool Throw

Faribault Mill recycled wool and eco-cotton throws are back just in time for the cooler weather setting in! Made by true craftsmen and women in a 150 year old Minnesota woolen mill.  

Striped Cotton Rug

Simple, black and natural striped 3' x 5' area rug. Our first batch sold out in a few days, but we'll be restocked this week! 

Pehr Baby Swaddle

We met Pehr founder, Jen Kelly, when she moved to NWA from Toronto not long ago and we're so thrilled to have a selection of her amazing cotton muslin swaddles + blankets in the shop for fall/winter!

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S HO P   S O N G S   O N   R E P E A T  :

Anna of the North  -  Lovers

The Lone Bellow  -  Time's Always Leaving

Miley Cyrus  -  Lighter

The Brother Brothers  -  Tugboat

3  T H I N G S 

Rebekah’s  3:

  1. Last January while I was staying at the Drift San Jose in Los Cabos, Mexico, I saw a beautifully crafted leather bag made by Mexico City-based line Lordag & Sondag. A few months ago, I started talking with Lordag & Sondag founder, Salvador, about working together and I’m so in love with the bags we just got in for fall! Black pebbled leather w/ a panel of black cowhide on the front, white leather with curly white sheepskin, an olive canvas and leather backpack... I’m currently trying to talk myself down from keeping one of each.
  2. Owning a small business in its infancy is stressful (breaking news), so I recently started incorporating an adaptogen called Ashwagandha into my daily routine. It’s an Ayurvedic herbal remedy that helps support the nervous system, calm mental processes, combat stress, increase energy levels, support sleep -- yes please. I’ve found it surprisingly helpful in the stress management department :) Head over to Mom & Pop Shoppe and pick up some Moon Juice Ashwagandha powder or find it in capsule form at Ozark Natural Foods (or any natural grocer near you).
  3. We just installed a flashed gray quarry tile in our Airbnb renovation and love the raw, earthy finished look. I was originally trying to find a modern terracotta tile and and found this Daltile line in the process. It’s insanely durable, stain resistant and the flashed edge adds a little intrigue. Use it indoor, outdoor, high traffic commercial spaces, showers, anywhere! Next up, we’re pouring white concrete countertops as well as a custom white concrete-topped dining table and benches. 

Sarah's 3:

  1. Our house remodel is inching closer to completion - we are so excited to move back in. This week drywall was installed and tile got started in the bathrooms! Exterior paint and wood floors are next up. Suddenly it feels so much more like a house. In the spirit of remodels, here's a great article I always love going back to that hilights one couple's tips for sticking to your budget from one our favorite design resources.
  2. I've recently started listening to the podcast The Longest Shortest Time which I learned about from Ira Glass's recommendation on This American Life. The creator and host, Hillary Frank, describes it as "stories about the surprises and absurdities of raising other humans - and being raised by them" and while there is a general theme of parent-child relationships running throughout, you by no means need to be a parent to enjoy listening. For another great listen, Rebekah told me to listen to the August 30th episode of The Daily. It discusses a terrible hate crime in Fort Smith, AR but if you're like us, you'll be teary and in awe of the goodness of people by the end.
  3. We've been using cotton cloth diapers since we brought Vivienne home and I read that if they start showing stains you can lay them out in the sun. I know this is not a new idea but I've honestly never used the sun to bleach whites before and have been amazed! Several times now I've laid them out on our deck for a couple of hours and when I go out to get them, they are totally white again. I haven't tried it on anything other than diapers yet but I recently read this article and will be giving it a go the next chance I get.

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