CURRENTLY : Issue 7 - November 2016

CURRENTLY : Issue 7 - November 2016

WITH | Holiday Market

is coming up soon!

The weekend of November 18-19th marks one year since we opened our doors on Center Street and to help us celebrate, we're hosting a two day holiday gift market at the shop featuring:


American Native Goods


American Estates

ConnorMade Leather Goods

Bellabloom Kids

Blackboard Grocery

Haley+Will Pendleton

Dirty Apron Bake House

and more.


We'll have a full house packed with quality, design-forward pieces from some of our favorite local creatives plus amazing food + drinks. You won't find a better place for your holiday gifts! The lighting of the square is also happening Friday evening, November 18, so tell your friends, make a date of it, and we'll provide the drinks, the goods and the soundtrack.


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3   T H I N G S   //

Our Fall 3 --

1. Fall Refresh  //  Now is the perfect time to refresh your living space and transition for the season ahead. The cold weather is finally (sort of) kicking in, the days are getting shorter and we're about to be spending much more time indoors. One night last week, I watched Veep reruns and rearranged my living room bookshelves. I gave everything a good dusting, traded out a few pieces from other rooms, and filled up a bag to donate to a thrift store. It gave my space a whole new energy and I didn't have to buy a thing.
Other things we're doing this time of year -- trading out cotton throws for wool blankets, recycling summery magazines still lying around, stocking up on fresh new candles, updating throw pillows, and getting our fireplaces + wood supplies ready to go! 
  -my bookshelf inspiration photos herehere, and here
2. Holiday Table  //  Start slowly crafting your Thanksgiving/holiday table + decor by collecting things from nature, pulling out favorite linens, and taking objects from around your house to make unique centerpieces. I find that taking some time to slowly collect and play with things around the house can be therapeutic and creative whereas waiting til the last minute to get ready for events (way more typical) is always stressful and the joy that comes from the process is so short lived. Why not enjoy it for a while?
-Love the butcher paper + clothespin place card holders (similar to our stainless steel pegs) from this post
-Beautiful foliage as a centerpiece, matte black + clear glass, and bread served on a linen towel here 
-Thanksgiving atmosphere nostalgia here 
-Natural, neutral simplicity here 

3. Local Bread Delivery + Louisburg Cider Mill  //  One of our close friends has recently turned his love of baking into a business called Dirty Apron Bake House. He makes naturally leavened sourdough loaves that look as amazing as they taste. Perfect to set out with cheese for friends (or by yourself) and would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table. To place an order, email Loaves are $5.00 and the best part is, Nick will deliver it to you on his bicycle.  
Also, if you live in Fayetteville, odds are you've probably seen Louisburg apple cider + apple butter at one of our local grocery stores and hopefully it's in your fridge right now. But just in case you haven't tried it -- Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, Kansas has been making the best apple cider, apple butter, and other goods since 1977 and they are fall/winter staples at our houses. Keep an eye out for this delicious cider + apple butter next time you make a grocery run (grab extras for easy, thoughtful host gifts!) and then e-mail Nick for the perfect bread + butter combo! 



The Middle / Turn Away EP - Wet


Black Fireplace Matches in Glass Jar w/ Cork Top


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