CURRENTLY : Issue 3 - May 2016

CURRENTLY : Issue 3 - May 2016

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." 
-Maya Angelou


C O M I N G   U P  //

  • May 1-7  Mother’s Day Specials  //  20% off select merchandise including Brooklyn Slate, Creek Baby organic skin care products, brass cuffs handmade in Nashville, Fog linen kitchen towels, select Yard, Etc soaps and select P.F. Candle scents.   OR receive $25 off when you spend $75 or more on these items!  Gift wrapping available.
  • May 7  WITH Quarterly Sound  //  Americana sibling duo, The Bingamans, are coming to town from Nashville this weekend to perform at the shop! Saturday, May 78pm. If you haven't heard these two, you can sample their incredible sound here. We’ll have burgers on the grill outside before the show and beer provided by Puritan Brew Co! Spread the word. 
  • May 16-17  Shop Closed  //  We’re headed back to New York for ICFF(International Contemporary Furniture Fair) this month and will close the shop Monday-Tuesday, May 16 & 17, while we’re away. We’ve already got our eye on some gorgeous new brands to show you soon!




Bitters ceramics + kitchenware made in Portugal and Mexico / Woodlot coconut wax candle line out of Vancouver, BC / Tantuvi rugs designed in Brooklyn, hand-dyed and handwoven in India


April flew by so quickly! It’s hard to believe we’ve been open for almost half a year now! We want to say thank you, thank you to each of you for being an amazing shop friend / neighbor / customer / etc. the past six months. WITH wouldn't exist without your support and we're so grateful.

This month, we got to partner with some University of Arkansas video immersion students as the subject of their final project. We created a casual entertaining scene + prepared a simple meal at home with friends for their short video series. Hope to share them with you soon!

Another April highlight for us was food stylist Jen Lewis’ "summer social" photo shoot for the June issue of At Home Arkansas. We helped style her beautiful backyard with some of our favorite pieces from the shop and then stayed to enjoy the party while Jen worked her hostess magic.

We finished the month off with a lighting workshop led by our favorite contractor + occasional model, Lucas Cooper of Reform Contracting. Our workshop guests walked away with a basic knowledge of how to build a lamp on their own + a customized lamp for their homes that they made themselves. We loved watching everyone’s moment of truth as they plugged in their handiwork and flipped the switch!



3   T H I N G S   //

 (a few things we loved in April) 

Sarah’s 3:

1) Before starting Maya Angelou's last autobiographical book Mom & Me & Mom, which I've really enjoyed so far, I watched this short video and found myself smiling and misty-eyed by the end.

2) You might fall asleep reading this one, but it's amazing when you need it. I recently read an article that said to spray WD-40 on a grease stain that you can't zap with your usual laundry tricks in order to "reactivate the stain". Afterward, cover the newly greased spot completely with dish soap and wash as usual. I tried it on a favorite shirt that I hadn't been able to save and it worked perfectly. Good as new.

3) We're so excited about the new additions to the downtown shops, Bouchee Kitchen on E. Center and Mom & Pop Shoppe on W. Mountain. Rebekah bought me a gorgeous hairpin on her last visit to Mom & Pop that not only looks cool but manages to wrangle all my crazy hair.

Rebekah's 3: 

1) I was in need of a new bath mat and decided to pull the trigger on this womanly one I’d been eyeing for a while by Cold Picnic. Feeling great about it.

2) Lucas & I started composting a few summers ago in a bin we build out of leftover pallets behind our house and it was so satisfying using our nutrient-rich, homemade compost in our garden this month. Composting is incredibly easy, costs nothing, and there are so many benefits

3) I’ve been loving the podcast Call Your Girlfriend this month. CYG is hosted by long-distance best friends Ann Friedman & Aminatou Sew who discuss politics, feminism, pop culture, and everything in between. I also love Ann’s newsletter, The Ann Friedman Weekly.




Smoke - Luke Levenson + Abbey Smith
Lemonade (the visual album) - Beyonce


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