A Slow Living Guide to Spring

A Slow Living Guide to Spring
Just a couple of ways we are dipping our toes into Spring ...

Give your everyday spaces a quick refresh by
  • adding a new tray for your skincare products in the bathroom or your spices and oil in the kitchen
  • pulling a much loved textile out of its hiding place and draping it over a chair or sofa or the end of a bed for a fresh look
  • picking up a bunch of fresh eucalyptus to hang in your bath or shower
  • being intentional about trading your overhead lighting for lamplight at dusk 
  • treating yourself to the candle you always save for later or lighting a single taper candle to signal the start of a slow evening


Take the time to nourish yourself and the people around you by
  • reminding yourself what produce is currently in season and grocery shopping with this in mind
  • remembering to queue up that feel good album before you start the cooking or the clean up
  • treating your mind by curling up in bed a little early with the book you've been meaning to start
  • taking your meal outside when you catch a warm day
  • spending fifteen minutes when you wake up or before bed stretching slowly and breathing deep 
A few things from the shop helping us transition into spring

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