3 Things | September 2018

3 Things | September 2018
Each month in our newsletter, CURRENTLY, we list a few of our favorite monthly finds from podcasts to travel inspiration to home goods.
Rebekah’s  3:
  1. Totally absorbed in the book A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, which was recommended to me this summer by Monica of Two Friends Books. It follows four college roommates as they navigate adult life in New York City and centers around Jude, who comes from unspeakable childhood trauma. I don't want to give much away, but her writing is so beautiful (and also heartbreaking... heads up). 
  2. Maternity essentials the past few months: my favorite Storq knit jumpsuit (from a previous season but their current collection is amazing also!), Carhartt Work In Progress overalls, several thrifted linen dresses and jumpsuit, coconut oil + Weleda pregnancy body oil, daily gentle yoga stretching, insulated water bottle (can't leave home without water), and these support leggings from Blanqi. I also really appreciated the book Like a Mother by Angela Garbles, which was sent to me as a gift from a close friend (thanks, Sarah).
  3. Still reeling from the recent HBO mini series Sharp Objects. Based on the Gillian Flynn novel and starring Amy Adams (who should win all kinds of awards for this performance), it takes place in small town Missouri and follows the unsolved murders of two local girls. I feel compelled to warn you (again) that this is a pretty twisted and heavy one to watch so proceed with caution, but the acting, filming and editing are brilliant. Can't stop thinking about it.

Sarah's 3:
  1. A couple of parenting gems this month - Overparenting Anonymous, a list of 26 rules to help you find your way back to the 30,000 foot perspective by Dr. Wendy Mogel (who I recently learned about here). Thinking I should print this out and read it often in the coming years. I also really appreciated this article by Latonya Yvette on implementing chores with her young son and daughter.
  2. I stumbled upon a couple of Terence Conran interior books from the 80's that I got years ago at a garage sale last week when I was organizing and found so much relevant inspiration in them. Since I can't link the books in particular, take a look at this feature on his British country estate, Barton Court. I especially love the warm atmosphere in his kitchen. Also, I could live in that bathroom. 
  3. Every time we go to one of our favorite local restaurants, Bocca, we love the spreadable savory garlic cloves they serve with warm, dense bread. Try this easy recipe to make it a similar way. For a beautiful spread to enjoy with wine, set out a loaf of sourdough with a ramekin of fresh grated parmesan, another with your favorite infused olive oil, and your roasted garlic cloves.

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