3 THINGS | March 2018

3 THINGS  |   March 2018
Each month in our newsletter, CURRENTLY, we list a few of our favorite monthly finds from podcasts to travel inspiration to home goods.
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Sarah's 3:
  1. A friend sent me this article last week and I found it so interesting and relatable in this information-overloaded era where we are simultaneously taking in so much information all day and somehow absorbing nothing of substance. A good reminder to keep fighting to preserve the ability to sit in silence and slowly absorb a story for the sake of reading and rest.
  2. Taking lots of inspiration from this beautiful Swedish apartment. While it is far more curated and clean than any home I'll ever inhabit, I really love the creative ways their prints and sculptures are displayed, I love the natural branches and vase pairings, and the easy stacks of books and non-traditional side tables. Here's another striking apartment that has a similar feel (I especially love the warm tones in the bedroom).
  3. I recently watched a couple episodes of the Netflix remake of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and for the silly makeover show that it is, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of empathy and compassion displayed by all and how the "Fab 5" seem to genuinely be rooting for each contestant as a whole person. Sometimes it's nice to watch a cheesy, feel-good show.

Rebekah's 3: 
  1. If you follow us on on social media, you’ve probably seen that we just got our favorite travel tumblers in a larger size (16oz)! I finally got one in white and love having my local coffee shop fill it up for me when I stop in in a rush. It keeps my drink hot or cold for hours plus I’m not adding trash to a landfill which feels amazing. I also really love how lightweight and thoughtfully designed they are. Promise you're gonna love it too. 
  2. Sarah and I both have lots of thick, curly hair that we basically avoid washing until absolutely necessary because it takes forever to dry and style. Recently, I read about a natural hair wash called New Wash by Hairstory, which you use in place of shampoo and conditioner (so it’s only one step) and it helps restore your hair’s natural wave while also making it a lot more manageable. I was skeptical but have actually noticed a difference and have hardly styled my hair the past few weeks! You can keyword search through their thousands of reviews and see what folks have to say about how it works on your hair type.
  3. Other things making me smile currently: following Latonya Yvette’s instagram, the thrifted rainbow striped skirt I got that reminds me of Ace & Jig's beautiful clothes, and the 5’ tall leafy plant I just bought from Westwood Gardens that’s perched in my kitchen corner.


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