3 THINGS | January 2018

3 THINGS | January 2018
Each month in our newsletter, CURRENTLY, we list a few of our favorite monthly finds from podcasts to travel inspiration to home goods.
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Rebekah’s  3:

  1. My favorite thing that I gave Lucas this holiday season was a Japanese donabe, which is a traditional clay cooking vessel. It’s great for rice dishes, soups, stews, hot pots, etc. and just gets better with age (like cast iron). Plus it makes a gorgeous addition to our kitchen. We haven’t taken it off the stovetop since the holidays!
  2. Take just 5 minutes to pause and soak up the New York Times’ 2017 Year in Pictures. I found it beautiful, tragic, human, heartwarming / heartbreaking, memory-jogging, so many things. It’s a great exercise in reflection and empathy. Plus, I learned a few new things about the wild year we just lived.
  3. I’m headed to Mexico next week and as a serious packing enthusiast, I’m getting very excited to break in my new suitcase from Muji. Other travel necessities I’m taking include my Mohinder city slippers that I got from Mom and Pop Shoppe, packable water bottle (I take 1-2 of these on every trip! So good for airplanes, exploring cities, beach days, etc.), and this passport wallet that I got for Christmas! Plus I’ve been downloading new music and books on my tidal and audible accounts for the flights. Ready for vacation now.

Sarah's 3:


  1. In our new kitchen, we have lots of storage so I've been trying to thoughtfully move into each drawer. A few organization moves we've really enjoyed so far include using an IKEA accordion dish rack for storing pot lids, aluminum containers to store our silverware vertically in a deep drawer (our old, flat drawer insert was always overflowing), dedicating a shallow drawer exclusively to cloth napkins for easy grabability (rather than mixing them with other linens), and using a tension rod to separate tupperware lids from their nested containers so they don't all collide. Simple tricks but they make so much difference in our day-to-day!
  2. I'm sure most have their own version of this but we just stumbled upon the easiest pizza dough recipe ever... no kneading or special ingredients. Just stir together and stick it on a shelf. She gives you three options: make it the night before, the morning of, or the afternoon of. We made one batch of dough last week and split it into two pizzas, several nights apart and loved it! 
  3. Right before Christmas I won the most amazing giveaway from Aisle 9! Overflowing boxes of curated home and wellness items that either made me the best / most overboard gift giver to my husband and brother or have quickly made their way into my own life and routine. So many things I find myself using and loving ... a binchotan charcoal toothbrush, a minimal bedside clock, a throw back tabletop radiostunning coffee table books... If you haven't yet discovered the content from Aisle 9, you should definitely check out their mobile site!  


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