3 THINGS | February 2018

3 THINGS  |  February 2018
Each month in our newsletter, CURRENTLY, we list a few of our favorite monthly finds from podcasts to travel inspiration to home goods.
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Rebekah’s  3:

  1. I recently got back from vacation in Los Cabos for the second year in a row (I raved about the eight room hotel we love in downtown San Jose called the Drift in a newsletter last year!). Just around the corner in downtown San Jose is a tiny apothecary market associated with the amazing Flora Farms which sits on the edge of town. The market carries their in-house line of soaps, lotions, serums, scrubs, etc. and I picked up their anti-aging serum this year which has frankincense, CoQ10, and skin-enriching oils and I’ve been loving it. Shop their entire line with easy shipping to the U.S. at santocabo.com.
  2. We spent a few days in Mexico City before heading over to San Jose this year and were in awe of the lush, colorful streets. We got to visit with shop friends / designers behind Lagos del Mundo and Lordag & Sondag and I ate the best breakfast of my life (twice) at Lardo. If you find yourself in Mexico City, you have to eat at one of chef Elena Reygadas' restaurants! Other CDMX highlights included La Clandestina for mezcal and touring the studio home of Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo in San Angel.
  3. Currently eyeing several pieces from Etsy shop Rawson out of Chicago that sells tailored vintage denim, military canvas, and other wardrobe staples. I definitely already have too many pairs of Levi’s from Grey Dog Vintage so trying to practice restraint on both fronts… stay tuned.

Sarah's 3:


  1. We landed late in NYC last weekend so we sprinted down the street to the mouth watering Cheeky Sandwiches as they were closing and brought back chicken biscuits and most importantly, warm beignets for all. I've been craving more ever since. To my delight and terror, Dirty Apron Bakehouse just started selling cronuts (think croissant dough covered in cinnamon-sugar...) which are similar and just as delicious. I live and work just a few streets away and am nervous for my future. 
  2. Winter chapped skin hack: Lansinoh HPA Lanolin. It's advertised as a nursing balm and it works great for that but it's just as effective on dry winter skin. Lanolin is a natural fatty substance found on sheep wool that people have been putting to use for thousands of years. Once it's been refined it's odorless, tasteless and safe. I've used it on my chapped lips overnight and on Vivienne's chapped cheeks this winter and it's better than anything else I've found! 
  3. When it's this cold and dark outside, it's easy to watch season after season of Netflix. One thing Tanner and I love doing when we're fried from too much tv is to read books out loud together. It's not for everyone (and the first few pages honestly felt a little weird) but it's fun to get lost in a book together. We love taking it with us on a trip and reading while we drive or just at home when we have 30 minutes or an hour. If you're as tired as we are, I recommend not trying to be too deep with your choices because you will fall asleep. Some of our more cliche picks have included Gone Girl and the entire Harry Potter series. Before we went to Southern France two years ago, though, we read Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night which was set near our destination as a fun way to anticipate the trip. It doesn't replace a good tv binge or the bliss of reading a good book alone but it's something we love doing together.



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