3 Things | December 2018

3 Things | December 2018
Each month in our newsletter, CURRENTLY, we list a few of our favorite monthly finds from podcasts to travel inspiration to home goods.

Sarah's 3:

  1. Sometimes it's the littlest of things that make you happy and in my case it's the end of fishing around in the bottom of my purse for my keys after every errand while holding a toddler. I bought one of the 1.61 Soft Goods Key Hooks from our store (we still have some in stock in-store-only!) and I just switched my keys over this week -- now I just hook it on the inside edge of my purse and they're right there to grab. Hallelujah. Never going back. 
  2. Michelle Obama recently released her book, Becoming. She personally narrated the audiobook and I just listened to it over the past week or two as I drove around town (and cleaned and blowdried my hair at 1am and folded laundry, etc...) and enjoyed it so much. I love the way she embodies in her life the truth that we are all constantly growing and "becoming" ourselves, no matter our age. I loved learning about the strong family she came from and the family she made with Barack. Her story made me both incredibly proud of our country as well as highlighted how far we still have to go.
  3. In looking for a simple area rug for our high-traffic living room I discovered Hook and Loom, an eco-friendly producer of flat weave wool and cotton rugs offering free shipping, easy returns, and very approachable pricing. This isn't the place to look for a statement rug with lots of cush and texture but for our space I needed a durable, non-shedding, easy-to-clean option that blended well with our dark concrete flooring so I ordered an 8x10 cotton rug (and found a rug pad to go underneath). One of their solid rugs could be a nice foundation to layer more of a statement rug on top of and their small cotton rugs would be great for entryways and bathrooms as they're machine washable.

Rebekah's 3: 
  1. Cozy Pure - I've come to love this no frills, mom and pop organic bedding company out of Virginia. I've gotten a couple of things from them and have been so impressed by their amazing quality and personal touches. Most recently, I received this cotton matelasse baby blanket from thoughtful friends off of our baby registry and I can't wait to get some use out of it soon. Also, Cozy Pure is currently offering 20% off bedding and buy one get one free on their organic pillows!
  2. I tried hard to get a jump on my Christmas shopping this year, so I was much more tuned into Small Business Saturday / Black Friday sales than in years past. A few things I picked up include a handful of merino wool baby things from Nui Organics (in love with this hat!), a few issues of Bravery Magazine for my nieces, this natural canvas hamper from Land's End, anddddd several others things that I'll circle back to in January so I don't spoil family Christmas surprises :)
  3. This year, Lucas and I bought a living Norwegian Spruce as our Christmas tree so that we can plant it after the holidays to mark the season we have our baby. We're keeping Christmas pretty low key this year with a canvas drop cloth wrapped around the base of our tree and some brown paper packages piled on top. We've also been watching our favorite, The Family Stone, on repeat while we cook dinner and reading daily meditations from Richard Rohr's Preparing for Christmas

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