3 Things | August 2018

3 Things | August 2018
Each month in our newsletter, CURRENTLY, we list a few of our favorite monthly finds from podcasts to travel inspiration to home goods.


Rebekah’s  3:

  1. I recently learned about the Jar Method from an instagram account I follow @brownkids and it’s a game changer. This couple named E and Roe came up with an easy way to store produce in glass jars to help keep it fresh for up to 3x longer than normal! By now they’ve got it down to a science of bulk monthly grocery shopping and almost no food waste which is a huge money saver. I’m still learning and making a few more grocery trips than that, but our greens are staying fresh for 2+ weeks using this method and I'm able to buy (and eat) so much more! I highly recommend going through their online Jar Method workshop which is full of useful information about storing vegetables, fruit, how to best organize your refrigerator, etc.
  2. I can’t say enough about our talented friend Mary Lou Bingaman who designs and creates beautiful clay bead jewelry and now stunning clothing pieces as well! I got this amazing linen dress (in black) from her in the Spring and I wear it weekly. She also makes a similar style cropped top and a sleeveless jumpsuit! Her clothes aren't listed online, but check out her instagram here and send her a message to get more details. I know she’s swamped with orders, but it’ll be worth the wait :)
  3. Still soaking in the wisdom of these “10 Learnings” by Maria Popova, creator of the website brainpickings.org that I read the other day. I’ve already bookmarked this post to reread from time to time because it’s full of simple, yet powerful wisdom that I hope will sink into my subconscious. I especially like her words at the end on the importance of actively fighting cynicism within yourself, which feels especially relevant in our current climate.

Sarah's 3:
  1. I love learning about ways we can extend the life of things we already own so we can create less waste in the world and save money, so naturally I love the idea behind Bemz. Founded in Sweden, Bemz creates custom slipcovers for IKEA pieces in a wide range of fabrics, many of which are machine washable. We have a Soderhamn sofa that has served us well for several years but is starting to get worn out so I'll be looking to Bemz for some help down the road.
  2. Current reads: We started out reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (after finding a copy in a Little Free Library) but ended up listening to most of it on audio book on our long drive to and from Colorado... I've heard lots of mixed reviews from friends but we personally loved the characters and thought the narrator was wonderful. I've also been finding some spiritual rest in Rilke's The Book of Hours lately. Here is one of our favorite poems from it and one that we focused on for Vivienne during pregnancy and now in her life.
  3. When I thought you couldn't love Rihanna more...


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