3 THINGS | April 2018

3 THINGS  |   April 2018
Each month in our newsletter, CURRENTLY, we list a few of our favorite monthly finds from podcasts to travel inspiration to home goods.
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Rebekah’s  3:
  1. I recently listened to the YA novel The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas on audiobook while driving to Texas and back. Written in response to the #blacklivesmatter movement, this book explores the complexities of police brutality, race, class, and the courage it takes to use your voice from the perspective of a 16 year old girl named Starr. I almost always prefer to read a book, but I found this Audible narrator to be so engaging. Highly recommend it.
  2. I made these dark chocolate oatmeal cookie bars from Half Baked Harvest last week and I was surprised that Lucas (who usually rejects all desserts that aren't ice cream) loved them too. They're just the right amount of sweet, using coconut oil, dark chocolate, brown sugar, oats, etc. I added a little flaxseed but otherwise kept the recipe the same. Easy to make, healthier than some, plus they kept well all week!
  3. You may have seen something called the 10x10 challenge floating around social media the past few years. The idea is that you create a collection of 10 items from your closet, style those items into 10 different looks over a 10 day period. To my understanding, you can add in accessories and shoes outside of your 10 pieces. I'm interested in this as an exercise in thinking about the clothes I currently have in new ways and using the selection process as a way to consider which pieces I actually wear often / feel good in vs. what I should probably donate since closet space is precious. This year, a blogger called Style Bee and Elizabeth Suzann are doing a 10 winner giveaway for those participating on social media!
  4. Bonus: I've also been obsessing over this Spike Jonze / FKA twig 4-minute video for apple. 

Sarah's 3:
  1. A few favorite podcast episodes lately: Katie Couric's interview with Sheryl Sandberg about grief and moving forward, and Krista Tippett's conversations with poet Naomi Shihab Nye and research professor Brene Brown.
  2. Continuing to draw inspiration each time I look at this feature on clothing designer Natalie Chanin at her home and work in Florence, Alabama (which also happens to be my mom's hometown). When asked about the role of clothing in her life, she says "Everyday living is its own creative process and, over the years, a well-loved piece of clothing becomes an integral part of that process. My creative work includes laughing loudly when running with children and dogs and sitting quietly in soul-searching exploration. My wardrobe is a partner in that process, every day."
  3. On a very serious note, this $20 back massager is amazing. I grabbed it on a whim for my very knot-prone husband, not actually thinking it would do much, and we are both in love.


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